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Top 10 Travel Bloggers Over 50

Travel has long been a right of passage for young adults, with itchy feet expected to settle down with age. But as the world becomes increasingly connected, and many of us are enjoying long, healthy lives, there’s a new demographic quite happy to pack up and explore the world – the over 50’s.

Inspired by the freedom of retirement, or simply sick of the corporate lifestyle, these 10 older travel bloggers are having more fun than ever – and inspiring others to give the lifestyle a go.

1. Sand in My Suitcase

Janice and George Mucalov retired from the legal profession five years ago and now spend their days jet setting around the world writing about what they refer to as ‘Luxury adventure travel’. Despite being cruise connoisseurs and fine-dining enthusiasts, they also love to converse with locals and get off the beaten track – as long as it’s not too uncomfortable!

2. Blonde Brunette Travel

Sisters and lifelong travellers, Kay Dougherty and Anne Reilly lived vastly different lives before teaming up to travel the world and bring readers their hilarious anecdotes. They pride themselves on being authentic, and don’t accept guest posts or write about locations they haven’t personally visited. Their enthusiasm is infectious and if every there was a time to pack up a suitcase – it’s after reading this blog.

3. Anita’s Feast

Self confessed ‘museum junkie’ Anita Breland and her photographer husband Tom Fakler have been on the go for decades. Focusing on the intersection of food, travel and culture, Anita writes intelligently about their experiences – which span many continents.


4. Adventures of a Carry On

For many travel bloggers, the more destinations the better, but Penny Sadler has a different take. Describing herself as ‘not a serial dater’ she takes the time to visit her favourite destinations again and again, resulting in deep cultural insights and multiple perspectives. Her love for Italy, France and her native USA shines through introspective and thoughtful writing.

5. My itchy travel feet

Hit with the travel bug on their honeymoon in Hawaii, Donna and Alan Hull decided to make adventure a priority in their lives. Unable to find any inspiring bloggers in her age range, Donna soon started documenting their adventures with the aim to inspire those of all ages to get out and explore the world. From Antarctica to the South Atlantic, the pair have covered an incredible range of countries and they certainly don’t shy away from adventure.

6. Solo Travel Girl

As the name suggests, Jennifer Huber is off on a permanent global adventure ‘alone, but not lonely’. Jennifer didn’t want to wait for the perfect travel partner, deciding to pack up her life and hit the road after a successful career in tourism. Surprised at the reaction of others to her decision to go solo, she started blogging to inspire other women to have their own adventures.

7. Travel Past 50

Tom Bartel and Kristin Henning started their retirement adventures in 2010, and have visited a whopping 65 countries since then! They’ve visited nearly every major church and museum in Europe, treckked through the Guatemalan jungle and in their down time, spent three months in Florence studying Art History. This couple is redefining travel later in life and their blog is both an inspiration and a rich resource.

8. Hole in the Doughnut

There are various reasons why people choose to travel, one being a sense of disconnect from their true selves. This was the case for Barbara Weibel, who described her former life as a doughnut – hollow inside. Further motivated by overcoming a serious illness, Barbara decided to do what made her happy, and her upbeat posts and beautiful photography represent just this.

9. Glamour Grannie Travels

Worldly and cultured, Inka Piegsa-Quischotte has been blogging for almost a decade, sharing her experiences of, museums, archaeological sites, islands, art and culture. As the name suggests she prefers to travel in style, also providing eclectic beauty and fashion tips for readers.

10. Heather on her Travels

From early days backpacking around Kenya and Papua New Guinea, Heather now prefers a little luxury – but not if it spoils the authentic travel experience.

In addition to sharing her own experiences, she interviews other travellers about their adventures on her popular travel podcast.